School Problem

I’m literally crying right now.

School just ended for me.

So I should be happy, right?


I’m moving to a different house.

And a different school.

*sighs and takes a deep breath*

Paragraph coming up.

So you know by now that I’m moving. However, it’s also moving to a different school. I’m leaving behind my teachers, my school, my memories… most importantly, my friends. I feel so empty without them. My life isn’t complete. They’ve supported me through all these years….

But now I have to leave them. All of them.

I’ll never see them again. Never, nuh-uh, not in a million years. I mean, we have each other’s emails…. but not all of them have one. I miss them already, and I can’t bear it.

I’m shedding tears as I type this, and I don’t know what to do.

If this happened to you, how did you even get along with it?

Literally me right now

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Wtf, Did Anyone Else get This Guy?


He commented on an extremely old post of mines when Fantage was just done with the DDOS attack…

Wait a minute, Justovdun…

Look at these some old pictures from when Fantage Club was first made.







*cough* Now calming down, I have absolutely no idea how did he get here, and when.

Justvodun, if you’re reading this, you’ll probably never know which user I really am, even if you did find my blog.

I still have clear memories of this guy causing havoc in the Fantage Club.

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So this Happened this Morning.

Mom: For breakfast, do you want cereal or bánh canh? If it’s cereal, you have to get it yourself, and if bánh canh I will get it.

Me: (Hmm, I’m too lazy.) Bánh canh.


Mom: Why didn’t you get the bánh canh?

Me: You said you would do it.

Mom: But you could have gotten it yourself!



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Another TFM FunCorp Room

So….. another FunCorp TFM room. Yay.

Another FunCorp Room.PNG

Ahhh our fur colors are changing each round


  • Misterious
  • Tempest
  • Toilet
  • Is Really a Cat
  • Kawaii Desu
  • Kylo Rencil
  • Sese
  • Dobby, A Free Elf (AKA Sommersby, the mod)
  • Mr. Cash$
  • Batman
  • Papyrus (Yes, Undertale one)
  • Hobbit
  • A Random Clefairy (me)
  • Break
  • Harry Potter
  • Guinevere
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Luna
  • Princess Peach (Yes, the Mario one)
  • Name
  • Transformice Connoisseur Cilan


Aww darn, chat broke.

Oh nvm. FunCorp had to be reset though.

New Names:

  • Litten the Edgy Cat (me, and yes, the Pokémon one.)
  • Papyrus (They kept it.)
  • Sans (Yes, Undertale one)
  • And I said
  • Firestar (Yes, Warrior Cats one)
  • Daniel
  • Arcanine (Yes, Pokémon one.)
  • Toriel (Yes, Undertale one.)
  • No One
  • Percy Jackson
  • Toilet Duck
  • Violoncello
  • Guinevere
  • Imreallyarat
  • Dobby, A Free Elf (Yes, it’s Sommersby again.)
  • Santa
  • Sese
  • Misterious
  • Snaps the Smol One

Somethings random from the chat:

[Litten the Edgy Cat] ….. covered in blood..
[Dobby, A Free Elf] You took it to a dark place there

[Hobbit] FIRST?!
[Guinevere] 10/10
[Purrtokitty] the hobbit
[Violoncello] ok
[Toilet Duck] delicious little muffins
[Litten the Edgy Cat] Goo4you *high-fives*
[Hobbit] Yus the Hobbit is here
[Litten the Edgy Cat] *Good

[Puffadore] does anyone have any cheesecoins they want to trade???
[Litten the Edgy Cat] Sorry, nope
[Hamilton] sorry, i’m saving up for a commission
[Niles] sorry my cheese coins go to toilet duck

[Guinevere] Oh
[Litten the Edgy Cat] We’re blueeee
[Violoncello] yes good color
[Hamilton] oooo
[Sese] blueee
[Santa] Blue!
[Sese] 😀
[Niles] da bu de da bu die

[Nephthymouse] I look cold
[Litten the Edgy Cat] Lmao
No cheese for you! ^_^
[Guinevere] who what
[Nephthymouse] i like dis color
[Litten the Edgy Cat] Aww, you made me die :c
[Niles] dobby what is the color code
[Nephthymouse] im cold as ice

[Litten the Edgy Cat] *awkward silence*
Guinevere has just unlocked the «The Cheese Priest» title.
Cheeeeeese *-* (27.55s)
[Purrtokitty] wa
[Guinevere] wow
[Guinevere] wow.

And now, the end of FunCorp.

[Wolffeyjoy] The FunCorp mode has been activated in this room. What does that mean?
[Oreoswaggy] how do you have spaces in your name?
[Litten the Edgy Cat] That means the mods get to mess up this place, lmfao
[Guinevere] bc were cool
• [Moderation] Messes place up
Cheeeeeese *-* (57.26s)                                                                                                                 [Purrtokitty] thats obviously the point of mods
[Guinevere] Were just like “Hey m8 were so cool lets change our names”
Thanks to Booplesnoots, we gathered 17 cheese!
Thanks to Niles, we gathered 17 cheese!
*Souris_5639b is now your shaman, follow her!
[Oreoswaggy] sweat
[Guinevere] And no the mods are not they are herrre
[Litten the Edgy Cat] And fur coclor
[Oreoswaggy] sweet*
[Nephthymouse] it means we have a fun and cute appearance
[Litten the Edgy Cat] *color
[Guinevere] Oreo lol you are clueless
[Wolffeyjoy] oh lol
[Sese] ye theres a mod here                                                                                                     [Oreoswaggy] im freaxing?
[Oreoswaggy] ooooh crap
[Purrtokitty] is there?
[Dobby, A Free Elf] Sadly, not for long
[Guinevere] yeh
[Dobby, A Free Elf] Time for sleep
[Purrtokitty] aw rip
[Violoncello] same                                                                                                                                 [Sese] D:
[Guinevere] Aww
[Dobby, A Free Elf] Goodnight
[Snaps the Smol One] AWH!
[Nephthymouse] night
[Spindle] god bless
[Violoncello] I’m going to log off after I sham
[Toilet Duck] thanks mod!!
[Papyrus] Good night Dobby
[Guinevere] nighty night\                                                                                                              [Purrtokitty] night!
[Sese] night!!
[Violoncello] night sommersby!
[Niles] goodnight som
[Hamilton] goodnight! and thanks you
[Misterious] good night
[Hamilton] thank you!
[Dobby, A Free Elf] 🙂
The FunCorp mode has been deactivated.
[Spindle] thank heck
[Lapinprince] finally                                                                                                                  [Animalkirby] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[Reynardtails] rip
[Aurumdreams] goodnight! 🙂
[Crunchcat] sigh
[Strikewolfaj] Time to be boring
[Aurumdreams] 😦
[Skillheartt] thanks you for the fun!!
[Crunchcat] it was fun while it lasted
[Jeevas] I’m cello                                                                                                                                           [Jeevas] for another 30 secodns
[Jeevas] sobs
[Animalkirby] Bye Sommersby
[Spindle] now i know which of you turbonerds are who
[Fartballing] no more toilet duck
[Aurumdreams] Goodbye, Funcorp. I loved you.
[Strikewolfaj] Nyehh Im still Papyrus
[Reynardtails] I wish we could change our names permanently tbh
[Skillheartt] im sese ;~;
[Animalkirby] ;-;
[Animalkirby] I was Litten the Edgy Cat
No cheese for you! ^_^
[Reynardtails] I was Snaps.
Thanks to *Souris_5639b, we gathered 10 cheese!

Yeesh, that was a long goodbye.

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An Attempt to Draw Myself

An Attempt to Draw Myself.png

Yea… I attempted to draw myself….

No, I do not have anime eyes.

No, that jacket is not based off of Sans. I wear it every day to school.

Yes, it has a hoodie.

No, I don’t have that face. You will never know what I look like

Based on my hair color and eye color, yes I am Asian.

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