Birthstone Stuff~


Garnet- Health, cheery disposition, self-esteem, love, business success, past life regression, consistency of love & friendship, travel protection, happiness, peace, balance, patience, inspiration, persistence, wisdom, and prosperity.



Amethyst- Transmuting negative to positive, increasing spiritual awareness, calming, soothing, repelling negative vibrations, overcoming addiction, peace, love, happiness, protection, good judgement, dreams, new beginnings, stability, fertility, eloquence, common sense, and compassion.



Aquamarine- Youth, health and hope.



Diamond- Generosity, trust, faithfulness, prosperity, love, peace, success, physical strength, will power, confidence, joy, and luck.



Emerald- Psychic awareness, meditation, insight, tranquility, peace, sleep, healing, divination, love, friendship, protection from evil, business success, memory, recognition, faith, fertility, serenity, romance, and understanding, balance.



Pearl- Divination, balancing, protection, intuition, chastity, wisdom, youth, purity, serenity, truth, innocence, money, prosperity, friendship, emotional clarity, and concentration.

Alexandrite- Significance and symbolism.

Moonstone- Travel protection (especially water travel), stress relief, past life regression, luck, clarity, spiritual understanding, calming emotions, hope, opening heart to love, joy, good fortune, new beginnings, beauty, childbirth, dieting, divination, and humanitarian matters.


Ruby-  Wealth, passion, restful sleep, protection from storms & negativity, power, joy, courage, s-xual energy, enthusiasm, generosity, will power, and contentment.


Peridot- Prosperity, growth, purification, balance, intuition, compassion, cleansing, protection against nightmares, anger management, overcoming nervousness, fertility, friendship, healing, repairing relationships, reducing stress, and focus.



Sapphire- Balance, overcoming depression, self-discipline, love, meditation, peace, healing, friendship, and fertility.


Tourmaline- Weight loss, creativity, success, prosperity, attracting love, and meditation, grounding, understanding root of problems.

Opal- Positive emotions, joy, aura cleansing, inner beauty, loyalty, spontaneity, clarity, healing, passion, eloquence, faithfulness, self-confidence, wisdom, and beauty.


Citrine- Sleep, luck, creativity, protection, self-esteem, magical power, optimism, abundance, acquisition and maintenance of wealth, mental focus, endurance, clarity of thought, open mindedness, successful outcomes, career success, courage, smoothing family problems, and dissipating negative energy.

Topaz- Emotional balance, abundance, clarity, confidence, overcoming depression, energy, focus, power, and tranquility.


Zircon-  Sleep and tranquillity, honor, wisdom, protection against evil, enemies, negative energy, illness and energy   purity, chastity, integrity and dignity.

Tanzite- Meditation, clairvoyance, spirituality, protection, wisdom, and communication with spirits & animal guides.

Turquoise- Friendship, meditation, emotional balance, loyalty, divination, healing, soothing, wisdom, psychic development, beauty, protection, joy, wealth, romantic love, courage, trust, and victory.


All gemstones (or birthstones in this case) have positive meanings.

My birthstone is a Garnet. What’s yours?

Also comment down what is your birthstone!












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