About me!

I play Animal Jam, Minecraft, Geometry Dash, Super Smash Flash 2, and Fantage. I have tons of BFFs!


(Yes, I know other bloggers don’t post the rules often, but I’m just doing them here for newcomers.)

  1. Please, please, PLEASE no advertising. To me, it is considered as spam and doing it too often makes other people annoyed.
  2. No cussing/swearing. I’m aware that some people like and often cuss/swear, but I do NOT want it on my blog.. besides, I think younger people are on here.
  3. Joke around as much as you want, Idc. But if it gets out of hand, I will delete that post, and unapprove comments.
  4. ABSOLUTELY NO BULLYING. No one likes to get bullied, named-called, teased, ect.
  5. Respect everyone’s opinion. You can tell others of what they think, but don’t have arguments, and no caps locks in anger when telling your opinion.
  7. Please do not say any inappropriate words.

More rules will be made when other things get out of hand.


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